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Midwest Wrecking Co is committed to completing each and every project as if that were our only project. Midwest Wrecking Co will provide quality work in a timely manner and all work will be completed safely and efficiently.



“We should buy a dozer and rent it to a local demolition company.” This casual remark between two young friends – Ben Kates Jr and Mike Hamilton – led to what is now Oklahoma’s largest demolition company. Ben was an equipment operator for a local demolition company and Mike operated a distributorship in bulk fuel. With $500 each and a $1000 loan from the local bank, Ben and Mike purchased a dozer and operated under the name Kates-Hamilton Dozer Service.


The dozer service might have stayed in operation but Ben’s employer transferred him to Colorado.  During that time an opportunity arose for Ben and Mike to perform a demolition project.  Ben called his partner back in Oklahoma and asked him if he was interested in bidding this small job in Crook, Colorado. The year was 1976 and Midwest Wrecking Co had its first job. With another successful bid on a project in Marietta, Oklahoma, Ben moved his family back to Oklahoma.  At first, Midwest Wrecking Co had a hard time convincing clients they were capable of handling a large project. The break they were waiting for came in 1982.  After lengthy negotiations Midwest Wrecking Co was finally awarded a contract to demolish the Oklahoma City Baptist Children’s Home to make way for a new business complex. The contract required complete demolition of 20 buildings within 30 days. Midwest Wrecking Co completed the project in 18 days. The high profile project received a lot of favorable publicity in the newspaper and praise from the General Contractor. Midwest Wrecking Co had proven they could complete a large project – quickly, safety, and efficiently.


Today Midwest Wrecking Co is the largest demolition company in the state of Oklahoma. Midwest Wrecking Co. has successfully completed every project on which they have worked. Clients know they can count on Midwest Wrecking Co to complete each project with the utmost diligence.